the most amazing (kale) shake

kaleshake-yum-byetxeThe first time my sister made me a kale shake I admit, I was a bit skeptical. Kale chips, kale salad, kale kale kale in a shake? Ew.

But she made it and I drank it and it was amazing. I've been making it myself (and usually give half to my housemate if he's around) ever since. Definitely a hit and I can totally eat in during this Whole Foods Healthy Eating Challenge my sister and I are doing starting Saturday (ah!). I'm excited to try other combinations of greens + fruit--spinach and green apple? carrot and grapes? Who knows what we'll come up with. If only I could take this Vitamix with me when I move into my new place!

If anyone tells you kale in a shake tastes bad, they are lying or just doing it wrong. Try it for yourself and you'll see! I don't even have a picture of a full glass because everyone always drinks it before I get a chance.

Kale Shake

4 big handfuls of organic Kale 1 banana a squeeze of honey some almond milk a spoonful of peanut butter some water if you want less milk some ice

(ok, so I don't really measure, but you'll figure it out--just fill enough liquid so the blender goes)

Blend all + enjoy!

What's your favorite greens/fruit combo? What do you add? I want to try a date version--updates soon!