snow day

snowday-2-13-14-etxe I'm sitting in a small room on the third floor of a row-house in Columbia Heights. My internet finally working (I think all the devices wigged it out since everyone is home on my first snow day!) so I can put up a post. Which made me think about how lucky I am (we are) to even have internet. For many people this is not the case--and if we don't fight for our rights in a digital world, it won't even be the same for us who currently have access. Then what will we do when we want to watch House of Cards?! I'm a bit conflicted about this article in the nytimes...because online petitions are kind of annoying and seem pointless. And people can't call Congresspeople to argue an issue if they don't have all the facts, which is sometimes how I feel...and big internet companies have lobbyists and their interests aren't always our interests ... and so I'll keep blogging until the power players funnel access or censoring denies me the ability.

(My First) Snow Day Facts:

1. Feels like Spain on a Sunday. Harrar Coffee is closed today, which is kind of the worst news ever as it is the only place I would dare walk in this snow. Grocery shopping, gym time, coffee meetings and museum visits have been canceled from my agenda. Kale shake-making, recipe research and novel reading have filled the void.

2. OPM Controls Snow Days. I can now add OPM (U.S. Office of Personnel Management) to my list of new acronyms necessary to know in DC, as it is the place to check for 'snow day' alerts. It's nice having everyone home--this new house of people that I surprisingly get along with really well. They work in all different areas--government, non-profit, yoga...and only one of them is from a state I've ever lived in (or been to), which is a bit sad, but true. Soon I can cross Maryland off my list...

3. Trips Get Cancelled. My sister, aunt and I were supposed to take a weekend trip to NY, but due to weather conditions had to cancel. We are all bummed, but we can reschedule. Now I'm debating how long it will take to order MUJI products online, or if I should just wait.

4. Salt Makes a Mess. I now understand why at a recent house viewing the tenant kept complaining about the salt stains on the wood floor. I can't help but see them now in every house I visit.

5. Scandal is Cheesy. We tried it, we almost got a third of the way through, but it was just too much. Luckily I have Revenge to fill my need for cheesy soapy tv shows.

And news--I start a new job next week and I'm moving to Shaw (permanently) in March! I love the transition, the journey, the unexpected, but it is so nice to have things settle a bit. I am really excited to get back to the grind -- and for a great company with amazing people.

Happy snow day!