Resuse, Recycle, Upcycle...Fashion

Two things I am loving this week that reuse, recycle and upcycle fabrics and thrift store finds for fashion statements. I think the crazy amount of clothing and fabric that exists in the world is a huge problem/waste and I've always been inspired by ways to create with it. And not something ugly and worn, but something fresh and beautiful. Here are two expressions of creators doing just that. Enjoy!


Jillian Owens is a writer and refashionista. She finds things you might pass over in thrift stores, and makes them wearable, even chic. She posts her before and after photos at Refashionista, often including how to. Photo via Bored Panda

Eckhaus Latta

Eckhaus Latta (the duo Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta) source forgotten fabrics to create futurist wears, and then make Harmony Korine-esque fashion films with filmmaker Alexa Karolinski. F/W14 Photo via Eckhaus Latta