Sunday Slowdown: Monday

Our Tuesday morning view on the way to work post-Beyonce.I'm watching Seinfeld. I just somehow made a meal out of all my leftovers. This past week was so much fun, but exhausting. Towards the end of work it started storming, so I've conceded to a night in. We spent the weekend in the sewing studio and watching fútbol. I need a balance of activity and chill-out time, and when I don't have it scheduled in I forget, which is basically what happened this past week and ended in watching Silicon Valley and True Blood for way too long last night, Sunday night, which is why I'm writing this on Monday.

Here's what we were up to last week:

  • We somehow made it in time to see Beyonce + Jay Z. It was so much fun. Read our recap at J+B: On the Run in Baltimore.
  • We saw a rainbow and met up with a friend in town! It was awesome to catch up and nice to share my neighborhood.
  • We found out Dacha means 'other home' in Russian. Just like our last name! Isn't that awesome?? Dacha is now my official go-to neighborhood bar for the summer.
  • We attempted to use the internet at the Wydown, one of our favorite cafes in DC, but couldn't because their new location has no wifi. We think this is ridiculous, but will still be patrons because their coffee (and biscuits) are just too good. Lame though!
  • I saw Planet of the Apes because my work gave us all movie tickets and popcorn. It was everything you could ever want in a blockbuster. The set design was amazing, and I can't wait to get back to SF this weekend!
  • We got closer to a prototype! It's taking a while, but soon we'll have a sample. Pattern making drives me nuts, but makes me happier than most other things because when you finally get it, you have a pattern you love!
  • We celebrated an early Bastille day!
  • We went to Open Studios exhibition and moving party! They are tearing down the current building for condos. The new studios will open soon, just not on H st.
  • We made some new friends while watching the World Cup finals at El Rey, and ended up playing Bocce with neighbors.

Sorry for using so many !!!s... Just super thankful for such a great week! Hope you had an amazing week! What did you do last week?