Etxe : Home with Leana

etxe : home

Each Tuesday we'll be posting a new perspective on ETXE : HOME. This piece is by Leana Sanchez, a friend from college.

How do you define home?

Home is where your family is, wherever they may be. Locally, home is where our dog is. We built a safe, loving, and inclusive environment that nurtures our dog, even when we cannot be home with him.

Leana - ETXE : HOME

What in your closet makes you feel most at home?

Ironically, it’s my luggage! My family lives across the states, and pulling out my luggage means another reunion. Even if there are no plans for travel, my luggage reminds me that my family is just a plane ride away.

What is your favorite memory of home?

My favorite memory of home is when my parents built our swing set. I couldn’t wait to share it with my family and friends. We imagined many battle scenes, princess rescues, and our version of hot lava!

What’s something you always take with you when traveling to remind you of home?

I can’t leave home without my diamond earrings. They weren’t always mine. They were a token of affection from my father to my mother, and I inherited them when I turned 15. I look forward to continuing the tradition.

Leana - Home - Etxe - 2

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