Adams Morgan Day

Adams Morgan Day DC 2014Most Sundays are spent relaxing, going grocery shopping, doing laundry and binging on Netflix. You know, what Sundays are really meant for...

But every once in a while you decide to do brunch with your best friend, you decide it's more economical to get bottomless, and you end up having the BEST DAY EVER.

These Sunday fundays are even better when a nearby neighborhood is having their yearly festival. This is the story of Adams Morgan Day 2014.

My friend Anita and I started the day with a casual brunch at Satellite room. Yes, the place behind the 9:30 club that is also known for their boozy milkshakes. There was no wait and they were playing edm. So obviously we loved it immediately. (The waitress told us they switch up the music between edm and old school hip hop, so don't be scared away.)

brunch at Satellite room

We sat in the back patio where we had plenty of room to relax and ya know, hear each other speak. This would have never happened if we had gone somewhere on 14th.

A table of boys were playing cards against humanity. Did they bring it themselves? Are they regulars? Are there games at Satellite room? Questions for another time, because we got distracted by Wu-Tang Mimosas. Yes, these are mimosas made with tang.

Is tang still around?

Is a Wu-tang mimosa just tang powder with champagne?

How long does brunch go until at this establishment?

These are the questions you really want answered after your first Wu-tang mimosa. After much debate between ourselves we did confirm that they are made by mixing tang with water (first), then adding some champagne. And brunch goes till 5pm at Satellite room, just like brunch should.

Wu-tang mimosas Satellite room DC

Anywho. Here's me happy for food. I have a strict rule about always ordering omelets when getting brunch, because I love omelets but can never successfully make them for myself. (Editor's note - I can confirm this-she always burns the eggs... --xoxo Stephanie)

brunch at Satellite room

We had a lovely 3 hour brunch, like only best friends can have. Aww. Then we made our way to Adams Morgan, because hey, we still had about 3 hours left in our no worries Sunday funday.

"Adams Morgan Day A community festival one community, one people, one love, we are one." -

There were vendors selling food, pottery, paintings, and other cool things you would have no where to put in your rented apartment.

Clothes you want, clothes you don't want, and t-shirts that remind you of the friend that taught you to appreciate/love sloths.

Adams Morgan day

There were friends, families, small children, older people, college bro's ... and these two fools loving life.

Adams Morgan day Sunday funday

OH - and the best part about neighborhood festivals - the music!

[video width="854" height="480" mp4=""][/video] Don't worry. I didn't leave empty handed. We made sure to get coffee at Tryst. You can't ever leave Adams Morgan without getting a coffee from Tryst. (but why don't our iced coffees come with animal crackers, too??)

I also found Georgetown students and alum I knew selling their awesome shirts. check them out at A comfy new T that exclaims my dc love and supports fellow Hoyas, killin' it.


If you're sad you missed Adams Morgan day... don't worry, most DC neighborhoods have their own festivals, with their own spin of course.

For example, H Street Festival is THIS SATURDAY, September 20. click here for H Street Fest info. Hope to see you there!

Want to know what else we did this weekend?

Satellite room

2047 9th St Washington, DC Mon–Fri 5pm Sat, Sun 11am


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Adams Morgan day

Adams Morgan is a neighborhood in DC