What your dad really wants for Father's Day...

Boombot Rex

Ben and Tom

San Francisco.

Last Friday my friend Tom and I stopped by the product release for Boombot Rex at Dijitalfix on Valencia. Ben Radler, one of the co-founders (and fellow elementary schooler with Tom, crazy!), told us how Lief Storer, CEO of Boombotix, was inspired by Japanese vinyl toys and wanted to design speakers could wear on your body, no matter how active you are.

The new Rex is water resistant, comes in fun colors, and enables you to ski, snowboard, surf, and travel with them without worry. You can connect wirelessly to your iphone or other device, and even take calls on it. Perfect for a picnic in Dolores or in the backyard by the pool for a family barbecue. There are lots of technical specs that your dad would probably want to read about, but I just know they look good, sound awesome and would be hard to lose as you can literally clip them on you (or your bag, or belt, or whatever). Dad can publicly blast the latest Daft Punk + Pharrell (or Paul -- depending on your dad's type) and be really, really 'cool' -- give him the tools to get a little street cred.

The company is locally based in San Francisco and they produce in a low emission facility in Guangdong province of China. They are currently using 25% post consumer materials and hope to use 50% by 2015.

BOOMBOTIX, INC. 3224 B 23rd Street San Francisco, CA 94110 P: (650) 204-7900 Follow them: @boombotix on Twitter | boombotix on Facebook