Wanderlust Wednesday: The Alhambra

Alhambra at night The Alhambra, Granada, Andalucía, Spain

Travel time from Madrid to Granada by train: 4-5 hours. Ideal trip length: A week if you want to explore Andalucía. Tips: Book in advance. Visit at night and during the day.

"Everything here appears calculated to inspire kind and happy feelings, for everything is delicate and beautiful. The very light falls tenderly from above, through the lantern of a dome tinted and wrought as if by fairy hands."  Washington Irving, Tales of the Alhambra

Alhambraprivatepalacecity view from Alhambra

There is so much history and there so many stories you can find online. I found an old post of mine -- too funny:

Granada was everything you can imagine, and more . . . again I will try and show you with my pictures and not my words :)

One night a bunch of us had our own botellón because we were too lazy to walk over to where the actual botellón was taking place . . . What is a botellón you may ask? It is basically just where people gather to drink, BYOB style . . . yet Christina and I (she is a friend that goes to NW) get fanta and vodka because it tastes much better. When you go to the little stores to buy the alcohol they actually ask you how many cups you want and give you ice. Technically,drinking in the streets is illegal, but everyone does it anyway. The cops even came to our botellón! But, as usual, they just walk by, make sure everyone is happily drunk and socializing, than leave---only in Spain.

Hope my travel blogging has gotten better, for now loving the #nostalgia. And now, back to laundry.

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