studio time...

San Francisco. April. 2013. A few of my friends just moved into art/work studios in my neighborhood, both of them starting their own clothing companies. I spent Sunday visiting them and seeing what else is going on at the spaces. I realized once again how amazing San Francisco is...biking everywhere, sunshine (rare), and awesome artists/artisans making it work. I also ran into an old flatmate at the park, who's now friends with one of my best friends. I played stylist for various friends. I stumbled upon old romances, new romances, enjoyed current romances...Yes, this city is incestuous, but in a good way.

Some finds:

Holly Gaiman. Milliner.

'Glamorous. Edgy. A little bit British.'

Zafer Aksit. Artist.

He had a giant glitter piece that I am still dreaming about. His website does not work, but I'm sure eventually we'll see more from him. His business card says it all.

Zafer Aksit

Amber Jean Young. Artist.

She hand sews most of her work. It is amazing.

Amber Jean Young

Kellen Breen. Artist.

I wrote about his show about a year ago. He's since been selected as a Mastermind by SF Weekly. I cannot wait to see more.

As for my friends' clothing companies...more on that as it unfolds!