morning inspiration: murals in the mission

Mission, San Francisco A few of my favorite murals, old and new, on 24th street viewed often on my walk to get coffee (and wake up!).

A visual essay of the lasting effects of Spanish conquest and images of famous religious leaders wraps around St. Peter's Church on 24th and Florida.

An ancient way to count the days on Alabama and 24th.


El Virgen de Guadalupe above El Farolito.

A visual depiction of the Aztec creation story about Mexican volcanoes Popocatépetl and Iztaccihuatl on Alabama and 24th street.

My favorite place to ponder possibilities.

Let me know if you know who this artist is!

Friendly neighborhood faces on Folsom and 24th.

Let me know if you know the artist!

Sadly, Mr. Burbujas has disappeared! Hope he'll return soon.

What are your favorite murals on 24th street?