Steadfast Supply is back up at Navy Yard


Last year Steadfast Supply had a 3-month pop-up on the ground floor of the Arris residential building (Forest City). The locally-focused and small-batch shop is now up across the street. 

The team behind the project did a great job with the minimal build out, branding/typographic elements and initial brand selections. Programming yet to be seen/experienced!

Why'd they move?

There's a restaurant going into the original space.  The new space is smaller and creates a less cavernous and cozier environment for items meant for coveting. 

What can I find? 

My favorite local DC brands, and more. Because brands are selling on consignment, you'll probably see a larger variety of brands, items and more up-to-date styles than before.  

Why should I care? 

If you've ever wondered what the future of retail is going to be, this is good test. Can they pay rent that a landlord will be happy with and will these brands make enough sales to keep them coming back? How much foot traffic will this add to an already on-the-map steeet? What will their programming budget look like? In a wary retail environment, very much worth keeping an eye on.

PrecedentTictail Market, a similar concept from Tictail (Tumblr-esque online shop tool for makers/designers) also started as a pop-up and has survived over a year in their Lower East Side location. 

Prediction: We will be seeing more globally-sourced, small-batch, curated concepts as long as small retail spaces are available or large boxes can be broken down to make such concepts possible. Especially as landlords become desperate and big box retail downsizes or closes shop. Focus will be on brands that also make sales online, which means spaces that can also accommodate for some back-of-the house storage might also fare well. Winners will include food/beverage concepts and irresistible programming. Already brands like H&M are testing this model just to stay alive and relevant. 


Steadfast Supply

300 Tingey Street #104 SE, Washington DC

W-Su 12-6 through December