wind smashed ipads now have hope Berlin has Apple store...

Screen shot 2013-04-26 at 1.34.00 PM Berlin. August. 2012. // Berlin. May. 2013.

When I was in Berlin last summer I took only my ipad. One day I had it plugged into my friend's power strip and I was doodling away at some silly thing when the wind gushed in from the open window (you know those giant windows that open with that twist handle that remind me of insane asylums for some reason--white, thick, stark). Because my ipad was connected by cord it flew out of my hand and slammed on the floor, the glass smashing into a million pieces. Or at least this is how I remembered it. I think I was hung over.

Anyway, it was maybe day 5 of my 2 and a half week trip and there went my ipad. I was sad, but also kind of giddy. I don't know why; the trip had a very strange start and everything was just so amazing I couldn't really be upset.


I wrapped it in clear plastic before I boarded my train to Leipzig. When I got back to Berlin I ended up going to Potsdam for the day with my friend and my borrowed bike. I left my ipad at my friends house because it was a sunny day and I wanted to bike around the lakes and go swimming.

In Potsdam, I found this store that sold apple products and got myself an ipad protector clear plastic thing. I put it on my ipad when back in Berlin and it all stayed intact until I got back to the US, weeks later, and was able to get it repaired.

Point is, next time I'm in Berlin I can just go to the Apple store because one is opening Friday, May 3rd at 5pm. You heard it here first (and I heard it here first). Screen shot 2013-04-26 at 1.28.25 PM

Kurfürstendamm 26

Berlin, Berlin 10719

S-Bahn Zoo-Station, Uhlandstraße, Kurfürstendamm