Nevada City, California.

I spent this past weekend up in the woods with Rachel and Aimee: #threegirlsinthewoods. Rachel is creating yoga wear for an in yo' face booty -- InYo, and Aimee is bring back the fanny pack with Reveler. I am so thankful to have the support of two amazing young women that are also starting their own businesses. We all powered through our business plans amongst the tress in a beautiful cabin, thanks to Julie of Nesting Days.

I am so excited for all of our ventures. It's pretty amazing how much collective knowledge we have: Google talk, Patternmaking, crazy start-up experiences, all the stuff we've learned from watching the other apparel, e-commcerce, tech, and other rando businesses here in San Francisco. I can't wait to share what's next for me, but I'll be spending the next few weeks ramping up, sampling and blogging here so stay tuned!