The best tote you've never heard of...

Cuyana packaging


Every year i have this existential criss about the thing I carry around everywhere. In pursuit of the perfect handbag, I find myself pondering the makings and functions of the purse. Why do I carry a purse? What do I have to carry? Can't I just minimize the things I lug around? Why are purses so ugly? When will purses be less shiny and more matte? Why isn't this bag stronger, prettier, less gimmicky? When will I find something sturdy and luxurious, functional and elegant?

I've dreamt of a basic, tote like bag that has minimal, or better yet--no hardware and enough space without being chunky. I've imagined sturdy thick leather straps and a simple interior pocket. I've gone so far as to thinking about how to make it, how to price it, how much the labor would cost and who would do it best...but right when I started getting serious about making my dream tote, I found one. I've been following the brand Cuyana for a while and I'm entirely glad they beat me to making my dream tote, because now I own a piece I love without having to have developed it myself. Best part--it goes perfectly with the Etxe wallet, which I did design, to solve the problem of digging in my purse for my metro card. Now I have two leather pieces I used to dream about as my daily companions.

Cuyana Black Leather Tote by Etxe
Cuyana Black Tote -- by Etxe
Cuyana Black Leather Tote -- by Etxe
Cuyana Black Tote -- by Etxe