Sunday Slowdown: Getting ready for Bey

FormerSpanishEmbassyDCInteriorTomorrow. Beyonce. Jay Z. We can't wait.

Maybe we'll hear more cryptic messages a la the Ohio Resentment incident...

There's gotta be a reason Solange attacked Jay Z right?

Here's what we've been up to this week:

  • Val's birthday! Toki Underground and Blackbird Blackbird at Rock n' roll Hotel.
  • We paid rent. boo.
  • We watched Belgium defeat the USA. We watched Brazil defeat Columbia. We watched Argentina defeat Belgium.
  • We saw Wrinkles at the former residence of the Spanish ambassador and thought about how much we love and miss our grandparents.
  • We watched some fireworks. And heard them all night.
  • We went to the Women in Art museum and watched them set up a wedding.
  • We thought about the shape of sleeves.
  • We did laundry.

And now we are going to relax so we have energy to get to Baltimore tomorrow. Did we mention we are going to see Beyonce?!

Hope you all had a great week! What did you do this past week? Anyone else going to the show tomorrow?