Sunday Slowdown

cappuccino la colombe And so, I've been having a hard time keeping up with blogging lately. This Sunday I spent the day in New York exploring and shopping. I love lazy Sundays where I get some errands done, write and google hang out with friends, but today was anything but lazy. I had an early train, which I barely made, and have been walking around all day. I'm finally slowing down and getting ready for a full week of work.

What have we been up to? Travel, new beginnings, very little studio time as I've been out of town, and catching up with old and new friends.

I am anxious to blog about my trip! I got back Tuesday, had a nice night with my sister catching up, then caught a cold. Stopped at La Colombe for a cappuccino and pastry Friday morning because, well, after eating so many in Europe I needed a reminder why DC rocks, too. Got to attend the Newseum for the TEACH Roadtrip nation event Friday, hang out with Roadtrip nation crew and my friend, an alumna, for lunch, finish up some work and then out for a show at Madam's Organ and drinks at Jack Rose (the two old fashioned actually may have cured my cold). Yesterday my flatmate had a wine tour birthday celebration, so I powered through and had a long day sipping local wines and then dinner with my sister and friends from AZ/SF at Rasika. Pretty amazing Indian food, my friend has good taste!

So, exhausted I am and anxious to get back into the studio next week.

Hope you all have a great week!