snow day musings

Working from home on a snow day in Shaw

I'm still getting used to the notion of a snow day. It's kind of crazy that everything just shuts down--and strange how unprepared DC is for any amount of snow. I suppose it's just so unusual. Things I did today while snow whirred and swirled around me:

  • Enjoyed working from home or WFH for all of you that love acronyms. My room is still not quite set up, but I've got an internet connection, a laptop and the enthusiasm of a new job!
  • Watched an episode of GIRLS--the one where they take a trip to 'The North¬†Fork'. Definitely the best one I've seen so far this season (I know, I need to catch up).
  • Made some Banana-Oat-Coconut-Almond cookies following Ebeth's recipe from our Whole Foods Challenge. They were surprisingly easy and un-surprisingly delicious.
  • Worked out in my room ... because I was too scared of slipping on the ice or falling into a few feet of snow.

Hope you had a great day--snow day or not!