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Tomales Bay Grid Tomales Bay, California

The weather in San Francisco has been absolutely gorgeous this past week and lucky for me I've been able to enjoy it. In celebration of starting up my new business, meeting an amazing mentor/client/friend, and just generally having the best friends ever, I took a trip up to Tomales Bay Oyster Company.

The trip takes just over an hour from the city. Follow google's directions, not the iphone app as that takes you who knows where. Do pack snacks, beverages, and beach stuff. You can take dogs and you can buy everything you need for oysters (ice, fixings, knife) there -- they also provide bins for oyster trash. The picnic tables are first come, first serve, but if you have over 10 people you have to reserve one. We got there about 11:30 and magically found a nice picnic table with a view of the bay and a bit of shade. If we had gotten there any later, I doubt we would've found an open spot.

Things we forgot that we wished we had: oyster forks, paper towels, and flip flops (one of my friends forgot, I had them ;). The bathrooms were surprisingly spotless and the service was amazing. They even let us take a video showing us how to shuck so we would remember. Everyone was friendly, we even made friends with the table next to us.

I've been there before on a foggy weekend and it was nearly empty. So if you want to avoid crowds, check the weather and go on a less-than-desirable day. Because these oysters are totally worth the drive and are fantastic even when you are all bundled up.

photos here and on instagram #oysterouting

Tomales Bay Oyster Company 15479 Highway One P.O. Box 847 Marshall, CA 94940


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