on the road with Evo


Produced by Gabriel Dvoskin and Tupac Saavedra
from Prana Eyes...
"On The Road With Evo is an intimate portrait of indigenous leader Evo Morales as he runs for president of Bolivia in 2005. Like any good campaign story, On The Road With Evo combines public performance with intimate moments behind the scenes, revealing a political maverick that seems both confident and disarmingly relaxed. The result is a film that helps us understand the populist appeal of Evo Morales, while revealing rare glimpses of the private man behind the popular icon. The 30 minutes documentary frames Morales’ candidacy within its broader social context, from the historic coca-growing region where he grew up and began his rise as a leader, to the soccer fields and racquetball court where he blows off steam from the pressures of the presidential race. An effective if long-winded orator, Morales thrives in the spotlight and loves crowds. At the same time, he travels light and without entourage on the campaign trail, booking his own flights on small planes, with little or no security. That, no doubt, has changed now that he is President Morales. The 46-year-old former coca grower is still a leader of the Coca Growers Union, and he has alarmed Washington with a campaign promise to legalize the traditional Indian cultivation of coca for medicinal and religious purposes while insisting that he has "zero tolerance" for the production and marketing of cocaine. For narco-traffickers reaping the benefits of a billion dollar drug trade, and U.S. DEA agents determined to eradicate Bolivia’s coca fields, Evo's policy—coca yes/cocaine no—may be a distinction too fine to preserve. As Morales positions himself as the latest Latin American leader to defy Washington, we can't predict what he might do next. But wherever his presidency leads, On the Road With Evo provides a keen sense of who Evo Morales is and why Bolivia elected him."
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