on a cold day, eat your colors

I love soup, stew and everything in between. I made up this recipe on a cold day in San Francisco, when the frigid wind crept through my bay windows and my space heater did nothing. When I was still scared of using my fake-log gas-powered fireplace. When I was thankful for Philz always being so warm inside and annoyed that I couldn't walk to Dolores in the same thing that I would actually wear in Dolores. When it wasn't really cold at all. Now in DC, wind chill is a whole different ballgame. So I added an ingredient: sriracha. All of these things were bought at the super amazing Giant store in Shaw. It is not only huge, but clean, friendly, has a red box and a coin start--so it basically both overwhelms my sister and I AND gives us some nice little suburban escape time. We could not find the Kale, but found a bag so huge (for $4) it will take us weeks to finish--even with making kale shakes, kale chips and kale salads.

The prettiest soup you'll ever eat Ingredients:

Onions for soup

Kale for soup

Cabbage for soup

Carrot for Soup

a can of black beans and a can of kidney beans


I also added some potatoes. Now peel and slice everything. Bring some water to a boil and add some chicken bouillon, olive oil, salt and pepper. Now add the onions, potatoes and carrots. Once those are mid-way cooking, add the cabbage and kale. Once those are nearly done, add the beans and season--I used salt, pepper and sriracha. I usually let it simmer for a bit until it's a nice consistency and the water is totally purple.

It's the most beautiful arrangement of orange, white, green and purple. I would post a picture, but I want you to be surprised.