October Oasis

OctoberOasisEtxePoolside Fall is the one season I can recognize in San Francisco. With our late summers, microclimates, and neighboring cities, we get the best weather during this time of year. I'm excited to pull out sweaters that I might actually get to wear all day, instead of the layers I usually have to deploy, and still bask in the sun! From Napa to Dolores park, I spent the weekend happy and super thankful to be here for another autumn.

Things that make me feel like another year has passed:

-it's cold enough in the mission to wear a sweater inside during the day -people are dressing up up for decompression -everyone is talking about trending Halloween costumes -sugar skulls are everywhere -the Phonebooth is decorated -seeing the pumpkin patch on the way to Napa -packing multiple swimsuits for a weekend North -spotting stranded bunches of grapes on the vine -the air is a bit more crisp -squash is served on pizza -no more Giants games [gallery ids="1496,1491,1487,1485,1497,1490,1488,1492,1486,1493,1494,1489"]