my favorite songs 2013


Empty by Stephanie Echeveste This year, my music discovery was pretty limited to NPR, KCRW, Radio 3 (Spain), Radio Eins + Flux FM (Germany), random minimal techno via soundcloud, things I have on vinyl (usually Vanity 6, Fleetwood Mac or Miles Davis, over and over again), friend and sister suggestions and Beyoncé. So here's my attempt at picking relevant pop songs of 2013. They aren't really in any particular order.

[soundcloud url="" params="color=ff00f0&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

22. Royals by Lorde

This song was heaven-sent as it was one of the few things our whole family would listen to and actually enjoy during the holidays. We love Lorde (who is from New Zealand...Emily!).

21. Bugatti by Ace Hood Feat Future & Rick Ross

The opposite...kind of...

20. The Mother We Share by CHVRCHES

My sister told me about CHVRCHES and I said, I think I saw them in San Francisco inside a church a long time ago. I may have made that up. Who knows. I love this song though.

19. Crazy Kids by Ke$ha (feat.

Because my sister makes a mean Ke$ha impression. And WE ARE THE CRAZY PEOPLE. 

18. Need U 100 by Duke Dumont ft. A*M*E

I need my family, and this song, 100 (percent).

17. Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey (Cedric Gervais Remix)

Summertime sadness = seeing Lana del Rey plastered all over my neighborhood (in the Mission) AND seeing the same poster in my favorite neighborhood in Berlin. Lana came out last year, but this remix came out in February!

16. Vital by Grouper

For chillin' out. My favorite song from the man who died in a boat.

15. Thinking about you by Frank Ocean

If you catch me singing out loud, it's highly probable that I'm singing this...I'm also the person that keeps playing it at the Phone Booth.

14. Simple Man by Andreas Kümmert (JeanMuzika Edit)

I don't know why I like this, but I do. Maybe it's that sound I cannot identify.

13. You (Ha Ha Ha) by Charli XCX

Because we used to be the cool kids. JK we still are.

12. Treasure by Bruno Mars

I honestly thought I first heard this song at Sweater Funk at the Knockout (RIP Li Po Lounge location). Again, something I may have made up, considering it's by Bruno Mars.

11. Straight into Diamonds (Fran Pareja Mashup) by Hannah Mancini ft. Rihanna

I don't care how annoying this song is. Here's a new mix.

10. Lovers in the Parking Lot by Solange

Does this count as the video was released in 2013?

9. Help Me Lose My Mind ft. London Grammar

Hello 2014 - kind of starting over...

8. I love it by Icona Pop

I don't care...that this came out in 2012, no one in the USA heard it until this year. (Unless they were listening to international radio like me. I distinctly remember googling 'I don't care I love it' quite a bit before I actually tracked it down last year).

7. Changes by FAUL & Wad Ad vs Pnau

Just listen. For all the Cosby show lovers out there.

6. Black Skinhead by Kanye West Ft. Daft Punk

I did not know what Yeezus was until a month ago...but I did see the Pope this year! I like this version. Gaw.

5. Started From The Bottom by Drake

I started from the bottom.

4. Drunk in Love by Beyoncé (Feat. Jay Z)

And I am still laughing at my 16-year-old sister's impression of Beyoncé in Beyoncé video of this:

3. Lose yourself to Dance by Daft Punk

This should be played at every gathering. Accompanied by a choreographed slow clap.

2. Animals by Martin Garrix (Hypnotik TrapEdit)

For dancing.

1. Papi Pacify by FKA Twigs

For dancing in your head.

0. Dark Horse - Katy Perry Katy Perry ft. Juicy J

And my favorite song that I heard on the radio while driving a car in a suburb--this year...who would've thought...Katy Perry.