mission market shopping...

shopping in the mission etxe Mission. San Francisco.

I was a little hesitant to like this market place near my house -- it is a new place that I had never even walked into until today. I was sad as I walked by the closed down video store / post office next door. I thought, oh no, this is clearly a product of the gentrification in my neighborhood.

But, Five Markets actually isn't at all what I was afraid of (outsiders coming in I guess is what I was afraid of, but I myself am an outsider)! It is fantastic -- run by Evelyn and Marta, who just want to bring some nice organic choices into the neighborhood. And there will still be a post office, in the back, run by the same people that ran the one next door. I bought some organic meat (the same they sell at BiRite, but for less), cherry-lemonade juice, beautiful melons, and delicious hummus. I didn't break the bank and I didn't have to lug it on my bike or kill my hands carrying bags many, many blocks, I didn't get stuck in a crowded bus, nor did I have to rent a zipcar to go over to Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. I can just walk down a few blocks and get everything that Casa San Lucas does not have, and never will.

Everyday I love my neighborhood more and more. Thank you.