Lunch that will fill you up with some whole foods

Kale, carrots, forbidden rice, tahini, sesame seeds, chicken

We've been doing this Whole Foods Challenge with the P Street Whole Foods and it's been really great. While I miss alcohol and coffee, I don't really miss oil or dairy or sugar at all. It's a great way to refocus on where food comes from and which foods provide the nutrients we really need. While it may seem crazy to cook without oil, it's definitely not hard. The program includes cooking classes that instruct on everything from cooking fish with water, stocking a healthy pantry, and how to cook a variety of grains. We made this the other day for lunch. Super easy and filling.

Carrots Black-eye peas (canned) Kale Forbidden rice Chicken breast Tahini Sesame seeds

First, I tossed some kale with tahini sauce and sauteed it in a pan and set it aside. I had already pre-cooked the forbidden rice and chicken, so I heated up the pan medium high and threw in some chopped up carrots until they were cooked. Then I added the black-eyed peas, pre-cooked forbidden rice and chicken, until it was all nice and warm. I put it in a bowl and topped it with a big serving of the roasted kale with tahini. I topped it off with sesame seeds and ta-dah. Lunch. Kale, carrots, forbidden rice, tahini, sesame seeds, chicken