Love-themed Desktop Backgrounds

Yup, Valentine's Day is next week. Good advice from my cousin - if you are dating someone and actually want something for Valentine's Day at some point in your relationship, don't make a big deal about how Valentine's Day isn't a big deal, because then you probably won't get anything. And yeah, chocolates can be cheesy now, but in three years you might want to take a romantic trip somewhere and not have him be like 'but I thought you don't care about Valentine's day?'.

If you aren't dating anyone, here are two desktop backgrounds to remind you how awesome it is to be single. 


While Valentine's Day is totally a commercial holiday, it is a good reminder to love - yourself. And being without a partner means no lines, no fuss and no (relationship) commitments. Use your time doing whatever you want! By yourself or with a friend! There are many ways to practice self love. Usually people talk about the pamper-kind, but I think creating is just as soothing. Here are some ideas:

  • paint your nails
  • read a book
  • wash your hair and then style it your favorite way
  • take a bath
  • write 
  • make something (I'll probably be in the studio making patterns)
  • call your mom, she probably wants to hear from you
  • take yourself out to brunch
  • practice the language you've been wanting to learn


This photograph is from my trip to Copenhagen. I love this sculpture because it looks like the woman is having one of those conversations with her partner (or friend, who knows). It's a good reminder of the part of being in a relationship that isn't always fun. So, while those hard talks are a great way to grow and learn about yourself--ain't it great you don't have to have one today? Yeah!

My friend at K.Mala Studio inspired this post - she made some amazing watercolor desktop backgrounds for February!  Check them out here: Fun February Desktop Art.



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