LOVE / LUST: Spring dreaming edition

Can we talk about spring yet? The weather likes to play games with us here in DC. We'll have an absolutely AMAZING weekend, sunny & warm enough to make you think that spring has sprung. Then we'll have a snowday, and it's bitter cold all over again. It's quite frustrating, but hopefully this vicious cycle is almost over! It's practically the middle of March already, Spring can't be thaattt far away. Right?

We've turned our clocks an hour ahead, and i'm trying by best to positively think our way to sundresses and rooftop bars. So, I give you my Love / Lust list: Spring dreaming edition

On the left, are a few things  I've acquired over winter that I LOVE / On the right are their spring accompaniments that I LUST.


1. Capitol Bikeshare: Thanks Santa! Now I can bike everywhere & never worry about my bike being stolen. Also, beach cruiser. / 2. Heritage backpack: Purses and messenger bags are too dangerous when biking. I need a new backpack for commuting to work and carrying picnic essentials.

3. Relay Foods: Our new favorite way to buy local, organic groceries. It's online shopping for things you actually need (food). /  4. Lunchbox: Isn't this the perfect lunchbox? I'm dreaming of days when my quinoa, hummus, apples and granola bars all have their own special space. Oh, and all make it to work for lunch without spilling in my bag.

5. AIAIAI earphones: These make everything sound a million times better while still being small enough to use on a run.  / 6. Gym Bag: Now that I actually want to run so I can listen to music on these headphones, I need a new bright, cheerful gym bag. Morning gym time is the best gym time thanks to Vida Fitness!

7. Planner: A gift from my best friend. The ultimate grown-up planner to plan for things like trips to Disney World and best friends' weddings. / 8. Clogs: Confession: I've dreamt about these for so long I already purchased them. Yes, they do look great with every sundress I own. and yes, I wear them around my room already in anticipation of long walks around the city.

What's on your spring wish list??