Inspirational quotes I found on my thirteen-year-old sister's phone

inspirationalquote1Full disclosure: I went through my sister's phone photos. It's not that I wanted to snoop, but I really wanted to see what her life was like as I hardly see her and moved away when she was about four. Since she is always on her phone taking photos (though not as many as my other sister, who takes about a selfie a second) I figured her camera roll would give me a glimpse. Between the 'big bows and nike pros', cheer shots and goofy photos, I found a ton of inspirational quotes, which she says she finds on instagram. She was livid when she found out I went through her phone, understandably so, but I am proud to say she has good taste. Wisdom beyond her years, if only she could carve a pumpkin without acting like a teenager. Her favorite color is glitter and she has a bijillion follows on instagram. Check her out @aliciaech. Just know, I am the big sister ;). inspirationalquote2 inspirationalquote3