If Cuyana were Beyonce...Etxe would be Solange

Solange. I've been following Cuyana for a while and I love everything they are doing -- except I'm not crazy about any of their pieces. They had a showroom opening party on my birthday, and I was there a bit scared I would see two amazing female owners doing exactly what I am working on doing. 

But they aren't. Not even close. They are doing something very cool, and I'm glad to see similar ideas getting traction, but they are only inspiring in the way they are able to present their products, not in the products themselves. To quote a friend "The most interesting thing here is the dress the host is wearing". Which, looked like a dress I always see on Rent the Runway, and thought about getting for New Year's Eve last year (instead I found this awesome sequins ice skating dress that fit me like a glove).

Everlane also just released their leather wallet line, 'handmade' in Spain (at a factory) with Italian leather, which again, is inspiring and great, but just not something I'd want, and I own a men's wallet. It's just not all that different than what I can get elsewhere. Which is why I designed the San Francisco Mini Wallet, locally handcrafted and inspired -- everyone loves it and people that own it literally use it everyday. You can get your own here at our online shop: http://shop.etxe.co/

Point is, often there is someone doing something better than you, someone that has more money and more resources. Yet, I know there is still room in the market. Because that friend? She's my target market. Not because she's a close friend, but because she wants something different, something inspired, locally made, and actually handcrafted, something that makes her want to dance like Solange, and not Beyonce...I'd reveal more about what she wants, but you'll just have to wait and see!