Happy Friday! You made it!

Hope you are having a great Friday. If you want to try some ping pong + karaoke, check out this event:

I will be the one singing with very unsuccessful pingin'. In Berlin, it's called 'Chinese-style ping pong'...and I somehow always ended up at my favorite place with a ping pong expert, you know that person that wins or is runner up for every match. I have yet to check out this event in San Francisco, mostly because I am scared people here are just as good.

Friends and I at Balkan Tripps on my birthday


If you are in Berlin, you should go to Balkan Tripps and then Kosmonaut für tolle Musik:

And tomorrow, if you are in fact in San Francisco, stop by Noise Pop's 20th street block party, but go on the later end so you can come by the after party.