Happy (almost) 3 day weekend!!

There's something magical about the Friday morning before a three day weekend.The sun is a little brighter, the winter cold a little less cold ... The Starbucks barista made my Americano in less than 5 minutes, Bao Bao was on the cover of the metro's Express, and a co-worker brought everyone everything bagels! Not to mention ... Everyone in my Government building is extra happy and cheery. People are already wishing each other a good weekend at 10am over here!

In case you're in DC and looking for things to do this weekend.. Here is my super ambitious weekend wish list:

- Happy hour and tacos at El Rey

- Karaoke in Adams Morgan

- make it to my favorite dance class at Vida Fitness

- Visit Bao Bao, the ultimate celebrity in dc these days

(Rusty is getting jealous remember Rusty?)

- Viceroy at U street music hall

- Make Pozole (recipe on blog) & green chile chicken enchiladas for my roommates

- Visit the Genome exhibit at the Smithsonian Natural History museum

- re-watch Frances Ha (because it was that good)

- Go on a bike ride on Monday ... Because it's supposed to be 50 and Sunny!

Let's see how much actually happens ...

Happy 3 day weekend everyone!