Feeling Infinite

You know that infinite, everlasting, connected to the universe feeling?



I feel it when i'm hiking. When i'm climbing over rocks and jumping between them as often as I can. I love the moment when you realize you've been looking down at the ground (to avoid tripping), then look back up and remember you're in this beautiful & dirty, new & old, untouched & lived in place.


Even though you're hiking on clearly (or sometimes not so clearly) marked trails, it feels like an adventure. You can pretend you're the first one to see that tree sprouting, or to notice the pretty pattern on that rock. In Maryland, you can even spot a lizard or a frog! (Yes, this Arizona girl found that thrilling.)


I hadn't been out in a forest since my high school, summer camp counselor years. I knew I missed it, but had no idea how much. That infinite feeling is good for the soul, so good, that my warrior three started showing.


Thanks to my best friend Anita for making this hike happen. The best part is that this trail, the Billy Goat Trial is only 45 minutes from our neighborhood. And we're already looking forward to our next adventure.


I feel infinite while hiking.

Charlie, Sam & Patrick feel it while standing on the back of a fast-moving truck (in the Perks of being a Wallflower).

Where do you feel infinite?