Fabric shopping in New York

2014-06-21 12.44.21 We found some awesome fabrics in New York! It took a while to find the colors, weight and feel that we want, but we found some really special textiles that I can't wait to share. But, alas, it will take some time before we have anything to show you. I'm still working on patterns...so yeah.

One of the worst parts of moving away from San Francisco is that I left behind a billion resources--pattern makers, sample sewers, fabric vendors, the best heavy-weight factory ever--and people that loved me even though I drove them nuts at my last job! While I can always go back and/or ship things their way, it's too soon since we're still just trying things out. Yet, it's nice to know that once we have something we really love, we have all the best people to work with!

Until then, we found this sweet sew studio to work in here in DC. It kind of feels like my grandma's attic (if my grandma had an attic) and there are usually sewing classes going on in the other room. The studio is quiet, cool and totally equipped with everything we need. I love being back in the studio, even if it is only on the weekends since they aren't open late enough for me to go after work.

So here's to new beginnings, finding resources when you need them and fabric sourcing! And to the best sister ever who, even though we were both horribly hungover & had stayed out dancing until 5am, will walk with me early in the morning through alleys and aisles on a hot summer day in NY just to find a gem. Psst -- it's her birthday today!