Etxe: Not Your Average Souvenir

Etxe Stephanie Echeveste Not Your Average Souvenir My store is up!! I spent a lot of time thinking about where I want to have it and I picked Tictail for many reasons, not least of which because their Community Manager Livia is so awesome and they are very international-friendly, which is super important for Etxe.

Tictail meetup in San Francisco at Southern Pacific Etxe

You cannot buy anything from Etxe just yet, but you will soon! I am still finalizing my first product, have to do a photo...we'll just stay tuned and I'll keep you updated.

Future planned travel so far: Seattle, Rio de Janeiro, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Berlin, Washington, D.C., Phoenix. Whew.

What is Etxe? Well, after reflecting on my talents, connections and recent release from Betabrand, I realized I can do what I always dreamed of doing: travel the world and create products inspired by the places I go, people I meet and experiences I have through monthly releases. So a new place every month, a new product and many tales of my adventures! I'll take you behind the scenes not just here in San Francisco, but everywhere I go.

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