Etxe : Home with Leah

etxe : home

Each Tuesday we'll be posting a new perspective on ETXE : HOME. This third piece in the series is by a good friend from our hometown, Leah Breeze, a photographer, wife and mother of two.

How do you define home?

When I was young, I knew that my "home" had very much to do with the familiarity of the physical place that I lived in. I can still feel the discomfort of being in a new place, either with or without my family, and how it made me feel. Now, after a lot of traveling and living life, I feel that I can call almost any place home, as long as it is with people that I know and love. Home is a place made familiar and comfortable by the people and things that surround you.

What in your closet makes you feel most at home?

Cotton Dresses. They are the thing that makes me feel the most comfortable and allow me to lounge around in. It's a way to feel lazy and put-together at the same time!

What is your favorite memory of home?

My favorite memory of home would be Sunday afternoons after church - smelling sunday dinner (at lunchtime) cooking and my Dad watching sports on in the background in the home where I was raised. There was this overwhelming feeling of guiltless relaxation, comfort, security, and carelessness.

What’s something you always take with you when traveling to remind you of home?

When traveling, the most important thing I bring to remind me of home would be my music. I remember when I was studying abroad in Costa Rica, my ipod was my most valuable and important connection to bring me peace and make me feel "at home". Music has a way about it that can transport you, and there were "go-to" songs that would just make me feel like I was right back with my loved ones whenever I felt lonely.

Leah Canva

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