Etxe : Home with K. Mala

etxe : home

Each Tuesday we'll be posting a new perspective on ETXE : HOME. This first piece in the series is by Kim Malachowski, an artist and designer based on the West Coast.

How do you define home?

Being surrounded by the people I love, loving me back- it is not a place but a feeling of comfort and safety, where I can be my true self without judgment.

What in your closet makes you feel most at home?

I would have to say my canvas ballet shoes. No matter where I go and whether or not I dance I still wear them. Ballet was such a big part of my life and the theater was my home for so long. I love wearing them; even if it is just to dance in my kitchen.

What is your favorite memory of home?

Being surrounded by creativity- I call it Malachowski Bohemia, either my dad or older brother playing the guitar, dogs running around, finding the perfect outfit to wear between three closets (my younger sister and mother have fabulous style).

What’s something you always take with you when traveling to remind you of home?

My travel set of watercolors and sketchbook- I feel at home when I have a paintbrush in my hand and I always take my sketchbook wherever I go. Sketchbooks are also one of the gifts I usually pick up when traveling.

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