Etxe : Home with Hélène

etxe : home

Each Tuesday we'll be posting a new perspective on ETXE : HOME. This second post of the series is by a good friend Héléne Vincent.

How do you define home?

For me home has never been a place. Growing up, my parents lived on two different continents -- sometimes I felt like Air France was my home. Over time, I came to realize that home is being with those who love you completely unconditionally.

What in your closet makes you feel most at home?

A long-sleeved blue and grey stripped shirt that my dad used to wear around the house on chilly summer days in our tiny French town. After he passed away I made sure to snag it before anybody tossed it in the trash, it's an old, ragged thing. But whenever it gets chilly in my apartment it's still the first thing I reach for.

What is your favorite memory of home?

Family dinner. My mom has always been my rock and hero. Despite being a single working parent, she always found time to cook for my little brother and I. The three of us sat together for family dinner every night at 7:30. Even now, whenever my brother and I are both in Miami dinner at home is absolutely mandatory! But we wouldn't have it any other way.

What’s something you always take with you when traveling to remind you of home?

On my 18th birthday my mom gave me a beautiful ring that my papa gave her shortly after they got married. I put the ring on a gold chain and wear it around my neck. It's one of my most cherished items because it's the only one I have connected to both of my parents. Every time I wear it I'm reminded of the two most important people in my world. It's the one thing I can't travel without.

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