create: jewelry cabinet

1 I've seen some gorgeous jewelry cabinets around, but I never found one I loved. When I first moved into my house in Shaw I stopped into Simon Vintage and found lots of unique pieces. I bought a shelf and this awesome drawer that they literally took out of a huge old pharmacist's cabinet. I had explained to them what I wanted to do--make a vertical jewelry cabinet. They said it would be perfect. jewelry cabinet find etxe Once I found the drawer, I took it home, cleaned it and spray-painted it. I picked this green because, well, the hardware store near my house doesn't have that great of a color selection. It's a bit too Easter, but it is growing on me. I then added some nails for necklaces, though I could probably add more. I asked the hardware store how to attach it to the wall and they gave me these hooks and anchor screws. I borrowed a stud finder and found the studs, then attached the anchor screws to the wall. I added some nails on the side for long necklaces. Before I knew it I had a brand new jewelry cabinet attached to my wall! jewelry cabinet paint etxe Before I had this piece I didn't wear much jewelry because I never took time to look through what would look best with my outfit. Now I can easily browse everything I own. (I also am less likely to lose jewelry because everything has a place). I've also added nail polish, trinkets, and matchbooks!

Have you ever made a jewelry cabinet? How did it turn out?

Simon Vintage

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