cowhide sculpture

Sometimes, meat really, really disgusts me. Not just how it is handled and processed, nor the industry that enables us to eat it (I have yet to read Every Twelve Seconds: Industrialized Slaughter and the Politics of Sight), but the pure carnality of it is sometimes shocking.

Cowhide on the other hand, is fascinating. I know it isn't really like using all the parts of an animal, but I like to think that by utilizing already existing cowhide you are being somewhat sustainable. If I ever got over my inability to look at raw meat for long periods of time, I would be interested in raising a calf and then, when the time comes, use every part of its body like my mom's family did when she was little (though, it did kind of scar her for life. I, instead had goats growing up and we never had to eat them). For now, I'll stick with eating eggs from my parent's chickens, and maybe finding a use for their fallen feathers.

South African sculptor Nandipha Mntambo also has a fascination for cowhide, creating ghastly yet beautiful fashion-forward sculptures out of them. Read more about her work in this article on Art Practical and hear her speak at this SFAI Visiting Artist Lecture event on Wednesday, November 6th.

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