May Birchbox

IMG_6495 May's Birchbox came filled with the essentials to make every girl feel like an iconic beauty.



This is a perfect tinted moisturizer that has SPF 40! yes, 40! Cotz Face is super lightweight, and will protect your precious face from the sun. Every girl that's ever loved Audrey Hepburn (that's everyone, right?) needs to be protecting her skin from the harsh UV rays of summer. I bet Audrey wishes she could have used the lightweight, SPF 40 Cotz while galavanting around Rome in Roman Holiday.

IMG_6509GG Amy Adams

I admit, I never buy fancy shampoo. With so many hair products failing to live up to their promises, I gave up years ago and stick with whichever brand is on sale.  However, this little bottle of Number 4 Volumizing Shampoo may have changed my mind. My hair felt like a million bucks after using this shampoo. While it is still out of my price range ($72 a bottle) I will cherish this sample for its ability to make my head feel like Farrah Fawcett's.


Same goes for Number 4 Volumizing Conditioner and another healthy hair icon, Jennifer Aniston. My hair has never felt so light and healthy!



I admit I haven't regularly used shaving cream since I lived at home and my mom bought it for me. (Wasn't it great when things like shaving cream, toilet paper and paper towels were always just magically there?) This Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream is a game-changer. I was surprised that it did not foam, it was more of a lotion that managed to super-moisturize my skin. Using this shaving cream makes a girl feel like a 1950's movie star ready for her beachwear photo shoot. Do you know iconic American actress Vera-Ellen? She started her career on Broadway as one of the youngest Rockettes, then appeared in films with Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, and Bing Crosby!



In honor of graduation season, remember the Graduation song by Vitamin C? I wonder if Vitamin C took her vitamins everyday. I know I often forget, but Smarty Pants Vitamins   taste more like candy than vitamins and I'd gladly eat them every day!


IMG_6531rihannapurple Like many other Birchbox girls said in their review, I was wary about this Laqa & Co. sheer lip lube pencil's purple color. Why did I get purple? I would never wear purple on my lips & I don't even like the color in general. BUT- It is actually fantastic. The purple color is fun and feels perfect for spring. I'm also hoping it makes me look as fierce as Rihanna.


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I know I have! (I'll have to share my all time favorites soon.)