Behind the Scenes: Product Development at Clinton Park San Francisco, California.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon working with Steven at Clinton Park. I've worked with him for years on lots of different types of garments, and it was fun to play around with leather for my first Etxe product!

We worked out how we want to make the pattern and made a (failed) prototype -- I'm used to going through lots of these before you reach the one! We had some pensive moments where we were both working things out in our heads and then unrelated brainstorming about our favorite bars in the Mission.

It is extremely convenient that I can literally hop on my bike and be at Clinton Park in a few minutes. Steven is always so precise with his work and is really about the craftsmanship behind the making...he's taught me invaluable skills over the years and I would never have gotten anywhere without his help. I can't wait to share this product with you! We'll be finishing a final prototype soon, so stay tuned!