August gems ...

August gems by EtxeThis month I've been into fashion history and popular critique of the fashion industry, as well as some fashion business reading. If you're also into these topics then check out our August gems:

  • The Lost Art of Dress by historian + dressmaker Linda Przybyszewski
  • This book is fascinating. It's definitely been influencing my design decisions and inspiring me to stay true to my dress dreams and values.

  • Pop Fashion podcast by Vintage store owner Lisa Rowan + fashion stylist Kaarin Vembar
  • Lisa's part of the WDCC and her podcast is hilarious and enlightening. I always learn something new, and get to hang with my new favorite radio personalities (and friend ;).

  • Handmade to Sell by Hello Craft creator + DIY expert Kelly Rand.
  • Kelly is also part of the WDCC and knows the handmade/DIY/craft business inside and out. Her experience is invaluable and I can't wait to dive into this book.

    What are you reading and listening to this month?