an American hero with my heroes: Cesar Chavez and my grandparents + family history

Basically, I have the coolest family ever. With the Cesar Chavez movie coming out, seems like a good time to post these amazing photographs. My true heroes, my grandparents, hosted a fundraiser for Cesar Chavez back in the 70s -- so here they are, with my aunt and mom, in their San Pedro, California home. I love these photos and I know my family has fond memories of supporting the rights of farm workers in California with Cesar Chavez. Cesar Chavez and my grandpa Manuel Trujillo

Cesar Chavez, my grandma Irene Trujillo, aunt and mom

On the other side of the family, my great grandparents Pete and Eleanor Abeytia and their kids (my great aunts, uncles and grandma) also supported the cause--working alongside Cesar Chavez. The Cesar Chavez foundation recently named and dedicated an affordable housing complex in Phoenix, Arizona 'Paseo Abeytia' after my family.

Paseo Abeytia in Phoenix Arizona

Paul F. Chavez, President of the foundation and one of Chavez's eight children, gives praise to the Abeytia's on the foundation's website saying “The patriarchs of this family went back with my father even before he began building the United Farm Workers. The Abeytias have been among the farm workers’ strongest and most steadfast supporters for so long. During good times and bad they gave relief and shelter to my dad and the farm workers. They were there during the bitter heat of strikes and through the long drawn out boycott and organizing campaigns.” Abeytia family members “gave themselves selflessly to the cause; some of them served full time with the union—sharing with my dad the poverty pay and subsistence lifestyle,” Paul Chavez said. “They also helped keep his legacy alive these past two decades since his passing.”

Abeytia Family cutting the ribbon of Paseo Abeytia

I am incredibly inspired by my family members that not only have played a part in American history by supporting Cesar Chavez and the movement, but continue to be my greatest role models.

So far this is all I have to contribute--a selfie with Dolores Huerta, another hero of mine who worked closely with Chavez. When I met her she told me it was our turn. So go watch the film, get inspired, and let's see what we can do to fight racism, sexism and inequality.

Dolores Huerta and Stephanie Echeveste selfie