a room with a view.

Something I've always wondered about style bloggers: Who takes the photos? Are you setting up a tripod everyday? Do you just live with a tripod setup? Do you simply have a person that takes pictures of you on hand? No one has ever given me a good answer. Just something I thought about today. Then I took some photos. I love my room--it's small but has nice windows and light. Best for watching the snow outside, reading, sketching and thinking about how long my flowers will live. Here are some photos featuring my favorite things: my pearl ring I found at my favorite vintage store in San Pedro, Casio watch I got at Tortoise General Store in Venice, brass bracelet made in Cape Cod, which I never take off, warby parker glasses that I sometimes love and sometimes hate, the windows, muji notebooks that just make everything better, my lipgloss, picture of California that I acquired from my one-month stay in Columbia Heights, heels I can actually walk in for long periods of time, a necklace my best friend gave me at her wedding, tote and Canon.the view from my window in Shaw

Pearl ring, Canon, and green warby parker glasses Flowers on my window sill window from my room in Shaw blurry

sketchbook on new duvet cover the things I put on my bed Brass bracelet, Casio watch and heels I can walk in Shoes on the wooden floor Necklace from my best friend's weddingSelf portrait Stephanie EchevesteListen: Shelter by the Temples