Magic Moments

Alright, my posts have not been as consistent as I had intended. Sorry. Things have been really busy. Besides the store and running my own business, we also were out of town and had some visitors the past few weeks.

But, that only means many magic moments! NYC magic moments! The weather -- at least some days -- has finally become bearable and some days being outside is marvelous. 

Like today. 

Some highlights of the past few weeks include: dancing in Marchesa Notte gown (snagged it at RTR sample sale) at my boyfriend's friend's wedding, brunch with a friend at Veselka, drinks with many friends at our new favorite neighborhood speak easy, being a Facilitator for the Go Between art project at Essex Street Market, setting up shop at our shop, and working on some giant paper flowers I'm making for our next window install. 

I still have a million things on my to do list, but I'm slowly getting more realistic about what I can actually do in a day. And making time to work out and, some special days, just chill. 

I cannot believe it is almost May. So much has happened this year already, yet it still seems crazy we are almost midway through it! Eeekkekekekek.


Eche Verde.JPG
Eche Verde May Calendar