last week // this week 5.29.16

last week

  • beach time 
  • meeting up with old friends in other places
  • endings. 
  • Creative Mornings with Jon Reiling, which was on this month's theme reality and focused on how we receive and give feedback. Super inspiration and very relevant to my life right now.
  • Crosslines at Smithsonian Arts & Industries building. All-in-all the artists killed it. Art is better than no art, but I wonder how many people went that don't already think and read and breath this stuff everyday. Was it accessible enough? Was it too focused on hype rather than material? Loved the didactic signs, but do we need them? Should art always, sometimes, or never stand on its own? Are there rules of being? ... Still thinking about exoticism and blended lives and layered histories...please share thoughts in comments! 
  • A just-as-culturally informative Lyft ride home. 
  • Biking to work win!
  • tours and thinking about place.  
  • Making friends in placemaking.
  • outside. rooftop dinners.  DC summer is here 🙌🏼
  • being hungover. 
  • best date // worst date.

this week

  • Hosting a mini-cocktails+craft at Field Day on Saturday! Come by!!
  • best friend time.
  • first drum lesson after a very long time.