Pow! Wow! in NOMA

Visited a few murals from Pow! Wow! DC in NOMA today. The variety and scale is really impressive. I love seeing well-curated and enlightening art in public spaces.

Definitely worth checking out!


Matt Corrado, Jacob Eveland, Persue, Insa, Vero, Drew Merritt, The YOK, Sheryo, HOXXOH, Caratoes, Cory Oberndorfer, No Kings Collective, HKS181, Kelly Towles, Wooden Wave, Naturel, Jeff Gress, and Decoy.  

Mural locations:

100 Florida Ave NE (Elevation Apartments)
16 M Street NE (formerly Crucible)
41 New York Avenue NE
40 Patterson NE (Unity Health Care)
1222 First Street NE (formerly Ibiza)
1215 3rd Street NE
MBT Wall between R Street NE & New York Avenue NE

More info: Pow! Wow! DC