Life hacks for busy creatives

I have a busy lifestyle and while I can't really complain (I'm single and have no dependents, so it's really not that hard) I do try to maximize my free time so I can spend more time on what I love. Here's what I use:


If you don't have a washer and dryer in your house you know that doing laundry is just that much more annoying. I just tried Washio for the first time and it worked out pretty well. I packed up my laundry and they came to pick it up during pre-selected hours. They asked my preferences and provided some sturdy bags for wash and fold and dry cleaning. I scheduled when I wanted them to return the clean laundry and voilá, laundry was done. Is it expensive? Yes. But if you factor in time gained and hassle lost, it may be worth it for you. Use this referral code (echeveste99453dy61) for $10 off your first order if you want to try it out!  

Grocery Shopping

I'd love to try Blue Apron, but it's just not worth the cost for me. It would make sense if I knew my sister and I were going to eat all the meals, but our schedules are so full that sometimes neither of us are home for dinner for days. I wish there was a one meal option, but there's not! 

Instead, I use Relay Foods, which allows me to schedule a pickup of the groceries I want. They even have meal plans with recipes that focus on fresh, local veggies. You can pick a recipe and add all the ingredients to your cart with one button. We've been doing this for weeks now and it is amazing. Try out Relay Foods for yourself!

Clothes Shopping

I tried Stitch Fix once and hated it. I know others have had better experiences, but it just wasn't for me. I signed up for Daily Look's Elite Box and LOVE it. I'll have to post about my next box to share what I get next. Until then, try it out for yourself: use this link for a two-month free trial of Elite Box

what do you use to save time? are these services worth the cost for you?