Three ways to break through a creative block

I'm packing for a last minute trip to NY and put on this Creative Mornings video -- I got so into it I've just been sitting here watching it!

The talk by Danielle Krysa on Humility. Krysa is the creator of The Jealous Curator, a blog where she shares art she loves (and wishes she had thought of!). She talks about how her idea of humility has changed over time and her split personality as writer for The Jealous Curator and an artist herself. 

I really resonate with everything she talks about -- especially the inner critic and ability to help others but inability to take your own advice. One of my favorite things that she shares are themes she discovered when writing her book Creative Block.  She asked each artist she interviewed how she gets out of a creative block and shares the projects they do to get out of it. 

I think the themes actually serve as three great ways to break through a creative block: 

1. Screw Perfection - don't worry about being perfect, just keep creating. 

2. Go Outside - Just go outside. She shares a fun idea to roll a dice and then whatever number you get, go out and use some form of transportation for that amount of time. See where you end up!

3. Make Rules and Play Within Them - set rules and then create within those parameters. I love this and do my best work this way. This is why most of my artwork is black and white or monochromatic. I need to come up with some new rules! 

Watch Krysa's whole talk here: 

What do you do to overcome a creative block? 

And now I have to pack. 



p.s. Packing for 40-70 degree weather in NY is annoying!