#etxemade and 100 days of making

For the past few weeks I've been using the hashtag #etxemade to share things I've been making around the house and then used it for all projects like meals, artwork, progress in weaving class. My sister has also been using it and so far we've created some really cool things: 

The other day, my friend Wole shared a post about the 100-day project. The #100dayproject is organized by Elle Luna & The Great Discontent and was originally inspired by a grad-school project run by Michael Bierut at the Yale School of Art. See more examples from his class at The Design Observer

Illustration by Elle Luna via The Great Discontent

Illustration by Elle Luna via The Great Discontent

The idea is that you do something everyday, no matter what. I'm, naturally, terrified of this kind of commitment, but I want to try and see what happens. We've all heard of the 10,000 hour rule, and at the very least by doing something every day you are focusing time on one thing. I'm super impressed by people that can stick to a regiment so we'll see how I do!

#100daysofdresses: april 6 - july 14th

I'll be participating in the 100 days project by sketching one dress everyday for 100 days. I had a really hard time deciding on just one thing and figuring out how I want to constrain myself. Since I know I'll be traveling and am generally busy, I decided to let myself be a bit free as long as it is a dress drawn somewhere -- I can use pen, pencil, marker or watercolor and the surface can be paper, coffeecups, newspaper. I'm sure I'll learn a lot during this challenge! #1 thing I hope to learn - discipline.

Follow me on instagram @etxeco to see daily updates! And go to The Great Discontent for details on how you can participate.  

And that's all I got! I have to go on a run and buy some Easter egg dye so we can make cascarones for our House Warming/Easter Brunch tomorrow--look out for photos.