Photograph by Jeremy Peter Green,  Eche Verde , NYC.

Photograph by Jeremy Peter Green, Eche Verde, NYC.


NYC-based, Mexican-American artist Stephanie M. Echeveste makes mixed-media art and designs creative experiences. She is interested in the intersection of fiber art, craft, community, and culture. Stephanie holds a BA from the University of Southern California where she studied Communication and Printmaking.

Born and raised in Gilbert, Arizona, Stephanie has lived, worked, and developed community in Bilbao, Spain, Los Angeles and San Francisco, California, and Washington, DC.

Stephanie is the founder and CEO of Distill Creative, an experiential agency that hosts creative workshops, designs creative experiences, and curates artwork for private clients and businesses.

Stephanie is passionate about creating unique physical and digital experiences that connect strangers and deepen human connection. Her career has been fueled by this passion -- designing clothes, producing art happenings, developing corporate brands, and managing creative placemaking for a variety of businesses and clients.

Follow Stephanie on instagram @stephanie.echeveste_art and @distillcreative.

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Selected Exhibitions & Art Fairs

Garment District Maker’s Way October 20th, 2018

Studio Notes: My Blog

I have started many blogs and written for various publications. This blog is intended to share my journey as an artist and creative entrepreneur.


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